Key Clubbers!

If you have a favorite key club thing that hasn’t been listed, feel free to submit your ideas to the ask box!

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A little late, oops.


It’s me, Denise!~ I am helping Mia and Frankie with this blog! I am deeply sorry that this blog hasn’t been active lately D: to be honest, we kinda forgot about this due to all the school work and other thibgs that we have to do! Anyway, I should tell you about myself too!

I am from D13N green monkeys, region 8 UFOs, and CNH bees district. I’ve been in Key club since last year, and I am a current junior and a spirit chair at my home Key club at Norwalk High School.

Key club helped me to get more involved in my homes, schools, and communities. It also helped me meet a lot of friends that I never thought would be THIS special to me. Not only did Key club made me realize that helping other people IS fun, but it also helped me realize that a friend doesn’t always have to be PHYSICALLY there in order to know that they truly care about you. (GAAAAAAAAY!)

If you want to contact us personally, you can send us an ask to our personal blogs!
Me ( http://itsdeniseyo.tumblr.com/ )
Mia (http://heeeyitsmia.tumblr.com/)
Frankie (http://ethnically-confused.tumblr.com/)

I, and we will try to make this blog as entertaining as we could! Thanks to all of you! ^-^

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What are some things you do in order to raise money for the big events in the year?